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Jan 21, 2024 - Apr 7, 2024

Choshen Mishpat I - Breastplate of Judgment - Laws & Courts

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Course Overview Choshen Mishpat I – Laws and Judges "Embark on a Transformative Journey with Choshen Mishpat I – Laws and Judges Course! Offered by the prestigious Noahide Academy of Israel, this 12-week program delves deep into the Noahide Code as compiled in the 'Divine Code' by Rabbi Moshe Weiner. Learn about judicial systems, moral laws, commercial transactions, and more through weekly sessions with expert rabbis. Gain a comprehensive understanding of Halacha, Chassidut, and Tanach. Special focus on Noahide courts, monetary laws, arbitration, inheritance laws, and ethical commerce. Complete the course and earn a 'First Grade in Noahide Courts and Judges' certificate. Enroll now for an enlightening experience in Torah Law for Noahides!" 12 Weeks Sundays 3 Lectures 3 Rabbis Halacha 104 Chassidut 203 Tanach 404 Mishpatim deals with the establishment of courts, laws, appointing judges and officers, and who is worthy to be a judge, taking bribes, monetary laws, commercial transactions, arbitration, social morality, doing kindness, jurisdiction of a Noahide Court, appeal for a decision, the order of the court case, necessary qualifications of witness, laws of inheritance, punishment of murderer and other infractions of the Torah Laws for Noahides, government law and military justice… The 3 month Study Program, “Choshen Mishpat I” – “Breastplate of Judgment” leads to a Final Certificate of the Noahide Academy of Israel. It acknowledges you as: “First Grade in the Knowledge of the Laws Regarding Noahide Courts and Judges”.

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