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Divine Code Books Campaign

  • Did you ever think that the Jews really care about all of humanity and every single human being?

  • And that Jews do not seek to convert anybody to Judaism?

  • Did you know that G-d gave a Universal Code of Ethics to stabilize humanity's experience in the world collectively and individually?

  • For the first time in history the Torah Code of Law for Humanity - The Divine Code - was compiled.

  • You have here an historical opportunity to contribute for the fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy: " And the world will be filled with the Knowledge of the Divine as the waters cover the oceans" (Isaiah 19:11).​

Raised $26 of $5,200 Goal

All donations are tax-deductible in Israel, the US, Canada and the UK.

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Campaign Supporting the King David World Peace Visitors Center in Jerusalem

Thank you to our 1 Supporter

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Our Supporters get:

  • A Copy of the Divine Code Book (min. Donation $260)

  • His/her name printed inside of the Book (min. Donation $260)

  • A Recognition Letter from the King David World Peace Center in Jerusalem

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