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  • We combine Torah values with academic and professional knowledge to show the impact.

  • Research and education on how Torah values promote highly functional families, communities and societies.

  • Show how Torah values can address social challenges around the world.

  • Identify and share how Israeli humanitarian expertise can transform developing countries.

  • Israel world-class Centre for Social Values based upon the Seven Universal Principles of Ethics

  1. Education

  2. Research

  3. Publications

  4. Seminars

  5. Training

  6. Resources

  7. Advocacy

  8. Public relations


The Centre was planned since January 2014 at the office with an activity of connecting different NGO’s around the world and monitoring developing activities, by receiving the projects and improving them according to the directives of the Jerusalem Centre.

We receive groups of NGO workers from different countries and train them on our expertise during seminars in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Hebrew.

We build a list of NGO contacts and send them periodically the research results of the Jerusalem Centre in order to maximize the efficacy of their work on the ground.