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Noah's Ark Secrets 101 Free Course

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About this Course In this course, you will discover the parallels between the computer analysis of Noah's Ark's design and its kabbalistic inner dimensions, including: This Course Includes: 5 Video Lectures 7 Handouts Final Quiz Academy Badge Final Certificate o Detailed engineering aspects of Noah's Ark. o Deeper spiritual dimensions of the Ark. o Role of Noah in building the Ark. o The Ark as a bridge between the Garden of Eden and the Messianic Era. o Essential teachings for life Lesson 1: o The Ark Encounter Project Inside Tour. o Archeological findings on Noah’s Ark and o Key Verses About Noah and the Ark with explanations by Rashi. Lesson 2: o The Flood and Saving Life on Earth; Lesson 3: o The Creatures on the Ark and Ecosystem of the Ark; o Genealogy from Adam to Noah Lesson 4: o The Weight of the Ark & the Weight of Its Contents as well as what does the Midrash Teaches About Noah ; Lesson 5: o God’s Instructions to Noah Renewing of God’s Covenant and Teachings for Life. Who is this Course for? Beginners and everyone else.

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