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The Seven Noahide Commandments were revealed through Moses on Mount Sinai. Moses was commanded by G-d to bring all the nations of the world to observe these basic commandments.

G-d is the essence of good, and the nature of good is to bestow goodness. But goodness cannot be bestowed when there is no one to receive it. Therefore, G-d created our world and gave us the 7 laws of Noah so that there should be recipients of His goodness by doing his will.

By observing the Noahide commandments in our daily life the world would eventually be a much better place as it turns into a home for the revelation of G-d. The world has become a vessel for G-d's infinite light. Humanity needs to be led by the infinite creator Who guides us toward real life. By observing all 7 Noahide laws, we reveal His Presence and create a dwelling place for G-d.

Those who accept the commandment of Noah's sons and do it out of love are able to reach high levels and have a part in the world to come.

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