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Angelique Sijbolts
Angelique Sijbolts

Question from the chat Shiur Rabbi M. Bernestein:

· if everything goes under God's perfect supervision - where and how man's freewill works?

· Question: Could you argue that G-d is dependent on how we fullfill the commandmenrs, to realize the messianic era

· How do the different attributes of G-d relate to His unity?

· How do you choose a (Jewish) name?

· How is Ahavah and Echad are related? please explain

· To what extent should we fight evil in this world, if G_d is incharge of everything.

· is worshipping idols only idolatry. or is it more than it...

Shiur Rabbi Y. Shacht

· is the book of formation forbidden to be studied by Noahides?

· Dear Rabbi, I love learning about who G-d is. If you can help me with this question that I have been seeking answer to for quite some time, I would really appreciate it. You said that there is nothing but G-d. However we as created being we are not G-d, chvs. Also we are not parts of G-d because G-d does not have parts. Then who are we?

· Agreed. We should all type in our questions to be read by the host. Its quicker and more efficient.

Shiur Rabbi M. Perets

· so are we gonna forget our native tongue that we use now in Yemei Hamoshiach when we all speaks Hebrew

Shiur Rabbi B. Simcha

· Did Noach beggin to build the ark after he commanded hashem to buid the ark if not is theres a timeline he beggin buiding the ark?


Shalom to All, Here is where we will be able to post questio...


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