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Question from the chat. When you mis a question or want to add a question, please do: Shiur Rabbi Moshe Bernestein

Can we pray the Mode Ani in bed or should we first be dressed?

There are certain prayers such as Tikkun Chatzot, and Perek Shirah by King David. Are Noahides permitted to say these, and if so, may the rabbi please give guidelines on how to say them and relate to them?

Shiur Rabbi Assi Harel

Please re-emphasize a little bit about time and space 🌌 as relates to Malchut.

Shalom! How Hashem runs the world?

Shiur Rabbi Moshe Perets

Rabbi, with the arrival of the Messiah is there a resurrection of the Dead? At what stage?

If there will not be time nor seasons etc...will we still age as normal?

Rabbi in that world, will there be dogs and cats too? In the thousand year period?

Malachi says Elijah Hanavi will precede Moshiach and announce Moshiach. So how do we know identity of Eliyahu ? Is Eliyahu thousand of years old when he comes ?

The noahide have a possibility to be a moshiach, after convert to Judaism, or only a pure Jew? Shalom Rabbi.

Is Moshiach a man of war like Bar Kocba whom Rabbi Akiva says is a candidate as Moshiach ?

During the reign of the gan eden will be restored?

Rabbi, why hashem, brings curse to Egypt?

What will happen to the decendants of Israel who were swallowed by an Adulterous Nations?

Idolatrous nations I mean.. Some may become Christians

Shiur Rabbi Baruch Simcha

what does that mean, "the righteous will fall seven times?"

When Pharoah and Ahimelech gave gifts to Avraham, were these gifts an investment for returns in future ? Just like Yaacov gifts to Esau. (maybay was answered and I mist the answer..sorry)

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