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Write your question there if you are still missing it, or if you have another question you hadn't put on the chat. Shiur Rabbi M Bernestein

· Were there Sadducee/karate who were High Priests? Thank you

· I have an additional question related to Chanukah, in light of upcoming idolatrous holidays which happen to overlap with it.Is there any problem with giving gifts during Chanukah? Or is this an idolatrous custom? And also, how should we respond to people who wish us “happy holidays” or “merry xmas” or something like that?

Shiur Rabbi M Perets

· Shalom Rav. I have a question that's disturbing me. I was once a Catholic, and over the time I have realised I used to do different transgressions of the Torah. I learned that any unrepented sins some day I will surely atone for. My question is, what if I forgot those sins, what if my reason of not repenting is die to forgetfulness of the sin. Because the Repentance prayer in the Noahide Siddur requires I mention the particular sin.

· Shalom Rabbi, you mentioned that Rambam was deeply conscious of the singularity of all creations. What does this mean? Thank you!

· Shalom Rabbi, I heard that in Hanukkah we still have a chance to soften or change the decrees that we received as a final in Yom Kippur. And of this reason we should still apply ourselves to Teshuvah, prayer and Tzeddakah, with hope. Is this true, and if it is true what is the source for this? Thank you so much for your guidance and clarifications!

· There are online articles that discuss the origin of xmas as originally created by Adam HaRishon around the winter solstice as a thanksgiving to Hashem. The days are becoming shorter but it stopped and reversed. But later generations corrupted the reason and practice. Theoretically, can Noachides revive that festival if it’s done as Adam originally intended?

· Shalom Rav, practical question : Noahide should learn properly i.e from the Jews. How about our task to explain the truth of Torah to our fellow friends, community, nation ? is that OK ? or that would somehow transgress ? because we explain Torah to our fellow friends

· Why did the Hasmonean being Levites take up the kingly role since it belongs to the tribe of Judah . Did they transgress Torah Laws in this role ?

· What is a proper way for Noahides to dress.

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