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What is a Shiduch-Date?

Shidduch Means ‘Settling’

The word shidduch is originally Aramaic, and it means “settling,” since both parties must settle their differences (and which two people are entirely alike?) before committing to live together.

In common parlance, the word can refer to a prospective dating partner, a match, a date, and an engagement. So one can say: I wanted to suggest Chani as a shidduch to my buddy Chaim—they’d be such a cute shidduch--but then I saw him in the park on a shidduch with Rivky, and next thing I knew, they had finalized the shidduch.

The Shadchan Is There to Help

A shidduch is typically suggested by a matchmaker, known as the shadchan. Sometimes the shadchan is a professional matchmaker, who sifts through dozens (or hundreds) of profiles to suggest matches that he or she thinks have a shot. Other times, a relative or friend has a good idea.

In addition to making the initial suggestion, the shadchan typically remains in touch, acting as a go-between, setting up meeting locations, smoothing out misunderstandings, and shepherding the process along.

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