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Shalom to all,

I would like to let you know that the Pre-Registration for Free to our new Even HaEzer Study Program is already open.

The Program will be starting on on Sunday 15th of October.

You may send me an email to saying:

" I would like to Pre-Register for free in the Even HaEzer Study Program of the Noahide Academy of Israel - Online Noahide Yeshiva."


Even HaEzer – Expertise and Qualification in Marital Laws & Noahide Wedding Officiant

“The Precious Stone of Helping” is the third part of the Online Noahide Yeshiva Study Cycles on the Code of Law for Noahides, the compendium of Torah Law for Gentiles applicable today, by Rabbi Moshe Weiner in 2012 (5573).

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Shalom to All, Here is where we will be able to post questio...


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