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Today was a really good day. My friend, who recently joined this academy with her husband, and I had a good chat about living apart from xtianity. She share with me videos to listen to, which I did. I shared with her some of what I am learning as well. I also learned from a podcast. Since I am "retired" I listen to lots of teachings all day as I have a lot of life behind me to make up for! I pray the Modah Ani every morning because at my age, you don't take waking up in the morning for granted.

I truly love Hashem and am deeply grateful for having my eyes opened to the truth of the Unity of G-d. As I listened to lesson 3 in the "7 Gates of Secret Wisdom" course, I was awed about the unity of G-d as I had never thought through the various facets of His unity before. Wow. I am amazed. And the lesson on prophecy is all new to me as well. I cannot express my gratitude for this academy enough. It is providing much for my growth with Hashem in a studied way, so thank you again! 💙

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