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How to Become a Noahide Ambassador.

What is a Noahide Ambassador?

A Noahide Ambassador is someone who observes and teaches the Seven Universal Moral Commandments of the Torah which were given to Israel so that they could teach them to the nations of the world. These same Universal Moral Commandments are also known as The Noahide Laws or The Noahide Code. A Noahide Ambassador is also the local resource for the knowledge and guidance in all matters regarding the Will of HaShem in context of the Universal Noahide Code. Each Ambassador also provides answers to questions regarding legal and spiritual matters in context of the Noahide Code. Furthermore, a Noahide Ambassador is someone who gives lectures in public places. All Ambassadors are connected to the Land of Israel and to the Israelite/Jewish People. All Ambassadors are certified from the Noahide Academy.


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  • October 26, 2023


  • Rabbi Moshe Perets
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