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Noahide Ambassadors

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Rabbi Moshe Perets
Founder & Director

Rabbi Benny Zippel Making the Noahide Invocation before 17,000

Normalita Cubelo
Bruce Littlejohn
Efraim van der Vennen

Shalom Dear Ambassador,

How are you?

Will you be joining us next Tuesday 2pm Israel Time for our New Ambassadors Course?

Please let me know as I am sending the Zoom Link Invitations.


Daniel Oberste-Berghaus

Ambassadors Course 102 for Noahides Starts next Tuesday 02.01.24 at 2pm Israel Time.


1.To address the Political Platform for the Noahide Campaign.

2.To establish metrics in order to measure the impact of our activities.

3.To establish an Activities Program such as education, social media, local talks, lobbying, etc

Noahide Campaign Outreach in Korea

Efraim van der Vennen
Bruce Littlejohn
Susan Dixon


How to Become a Noahide Ambassador. What is a Noahide Ambass...


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