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Noahide Ambassadors

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Rabbi Moshe Perets
Founder & Director

Overview from our First Ambassadors Meeting

1. A new special program was introduced for Noahide Ambassadors, and personal presentations were made by Rabbi.

2. Rabbi and Bruce discussed the importance of Noahide ambassadors connecting with the local community in Southland, New Zealand, and being a source of knowledge and living by example.

3. The role and responsibilities of a Noahide ambassador, which includes observing and teaching the seven universal commandments from the Torah, were outlined by the Rabbi.

4. The upcoming weeks' discussions, focusing on the traits of biblical figures such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph, and King David, were outlined by the Rabbi.

5. Rabbi and Bruce discussed the importance of setting up meetings, contacts for ambassadors, and being open to change and going out of one's comfort zone.

Efraim van der Vennen
Bruce Littlejohn
Patrick Cotroneo
Joseph Cotroneo


How to Become a Noahide Ambassador. What is a Noahide Ambass...


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