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Dear Noahide Ambassadors, today we have Discussed the 4th Commandment:

The 4th Commandment Vision

To Respect Family Unity

Prohibition of Adultery or Incest

God created firstly the man and the woman as one unit and then divided them into two separate entities, which are in need of each other in order to reach completeness.

Married life and its laws are, therefore, the basis for the existence of mankind and the completeness of the family and community.

This comes into expression also in keeping values of modesty and discreetness in matters of marital relationship.


The Fourth Commandment

To Respect Family Unity - Do Not Have Forbidden

Sexual Relations

Five of the six types of relations that are forbidden by God to Gentiles are covered in Genesis 2:24: “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and cling to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”

This verse explicitly forbids relations with one’s mother, with a woman who has ever been his father’s domestic partner or certified wife, with a woman who is currently a domestic partner or certified wife of another man, with another male, or with an animal.

A Gentile is also forbidden to have relations with his maternal sister, which is learned from Gen. 20:13: “Moreover, she is indeed my sister, my father’s daughter, though not my mother’s daughter; and she became my wife.”


Practical Aspects


Honor the divinity of marriage.

The seeds of loyalty, love and respect that are planted in the traditional home translate into loyalty, love and respect in society.


How does one observe the Fourth Commandment?

By getting married (21-28).

By making a Noahide wedding and a social wedding.

By having children (if possible).

By treating one’s spouse with respect, not insult her/him.

By being considered and carrying.

By giving her money to by clothes and help her in the house tasks.

The Observation of this commandment Strengthens the Power of Creativity and Generosity in the Soul.

And connects the person to the Soul of Abraham our forefather.

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