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Noahide Dating - First Steps

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Shalom Everyone,

✒Name: Nita

📆Age: 49

🗽Location: Bay Area in California USA

👅Language spoken: English

🕍 Religious Level: Approximately 9 years as observant Noahide

💟Marital Status: Divorced / Single.

📚Education/Degrees: Multiple ICC certifications & DSA.

📈Occupation: Special inspector

📝Personal Description: 5’10” tall slim athletic build, healthy, following the noahide laws & the rules of modesty even covering my hair with a mitpaḥat . I currently have no children but would love children either by conception or adoption.

🎯Looking For: my soul mate to marry and live blessed according to the laws given to mankind known as the noahide laws. Beezrat Hashem!

Peter Wambui
Edward A. Kissi


This is a Noahide Dating Group to share profiles without pic...


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