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One of the greatest lessons that I have learned recently was regarding "setting my intention." When doing a Noahide mitzvah, studying the Torah, teaching my son about the greatness of HaShem, or meditating on the Tanya, I have learned to set my intention by making a small donation to my Tzedakah Box. While some people in the world view charity as an act of kindness, our Jewish Rabbis teach us that charity is actually an act of righteousness. Setting my intent to study, pray, meditate or teach, by making a small donation to my Tzedakah Box reminds me that I do so simply for my love of HaShem, and for no other reason. I do it because it is right.

Do a simple Google search for Tzedekah box, and you can find them in all kinds of fancy designs and styles. I am a poor retiree on a limited budget, so my plastic cookie box works just fine for me, but your milage may vary.

We don't have coins here in Vietnam, since $1USD = 24,300 Vietnamese dong, so my box just has notes. Nevertheless, if you use coins in your country, make it a habit of dropping a few coins in your pushka every day, and I am sure you, too, will start to feel the benefits of "setting your intention."

In The Devine Code, Rabbi Wiener explains that Noahides "are duty-bound by logic" to keep some Jewish commandments such as "honoring one's parents, and kindness and charity. . ." The Rambam further explained, "How often is more important than how much." You'll see, just a few coins each day can set your whole day on a whole new footing.

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