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NEW COURSE: Choshen Mishpat I - Courts, laws and Judges

"Embark on a Transformative Journey with Choshen Mishpat I – Laws and Judges Course! Offered by the prestigious Noahide Academy of Israel, this 12-week program delves deep into the Noahide Code as compiled in the 'Divine Code' by Rabbi Moshe Weiner. Learn about judicial systems, moral laws, commercial transactions, and more through weekly sessions with expert rabbis. Gain a comprehensive understanding of Halacha, Chassidut, and Tanach. Special focus on Noahide courts, monetary laws, arbitration, inheritance laws, and ethical commerce. Complete the course and earn a 'First Grade in Noahide Courts and Judges' certificate. Enroll now for an enlightening experience in Torah Law for Noahides!"

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