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Shavua Tov, all. It is good to see how the Noahide movemrnt has grown and developed. I started with the Noahide community in its early years, when the Divine Code was first published.

Back then, I recall that the goal was to have a Beit Din confirm you as a Noahide, but the movement was still working to be accepted as valid in Israel. So much has changed since then!

Since then I had converted to Judaism (Reconstructionist) and joined Darshan Yeshiva. My decision to convert was for personal reasons, and also because Chabad (online) was my personal Jewish education for many quiet, hidden years before other resources became accessible.

I am disabled and just do what is within my reach. I look forward to learning from and with all of you. It's nice to see this community growing.

Normalita Cubelo Kimani
Edwin Hissink
Samira Lopes Coelho

Good to hear from you Kim! Chazak..!!



Where people who are new to Torah life Style can get connect...



  • 2 Oct Wed | 'Rosh HaShana 5785 for the World Noahide Community'

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