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Noahide Declaration of Faith

Background and Principles

· By definition, a Gentile, or Noahide is by birth automatically a Ben (son) or Bat (daughter) of Noah as a Jew by birth is automatically a Jew.

· The Rabbinical recognition of one's Declaration of Faith and commitment to live as an Observant Noahide (i.e. a Chassid Umot Ha'Olom – Pious of the Nations of the World, as defined by Rambam in Laws of Kings 8:11) can be obtained by the Declaration of Faith and verbal affirmation in front of three Orthodox Jews, The Rabbis ( here of the Noahide Academy of Israel) who are experts in the Torah’s Noahide Code. When this has been affirmed to three Jews, it satisfies the requirements for public Rabbinical recognition, and delineates what the ben or bat Noah has personally accepted the Ruling of Torah, Guidance of the Jewish People and His Commitment to HaShem, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the G-d of Israel.

· Multiple members of a Noahide family (parents and children) may each make a separate Declaration of Faith. Declarations by children should not be made until after they have reached the age of Torah maturity (13 for boys, 12 for girls).

· A Gentile who observes the Seven Noahide Commandments (7 Mitzvot) with the faith that he is so commanded by G-d through the Torah of Moses is considered to be a Chassid, Pious, (i.e. one of the Chassidei Umot Ha'Olom). Among Gentiles, the Chassidei Umot Ha’Olom merit to receive a share in the future World to Come along with the Jewish People. Even if a Noahide is not technically required to do a Formal declaration in front of three Jews, he needs to have heard from the mouth of a Jew that he was commanded by HaShem in the Torah to know, keep and uphold the 7 Commandments in order to have a share in the resurrection of the Dead and in Eternal Life in the World to Come.

· However, when an Observant Noahide has made an affirmation to three Orthodox Jewish Rabbis he has publicized his rejection of idol worship and that he has rise to the level of reward of one who is personally commanded by G-d to observe the Noahide Laws.

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