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Edwin Hissink
Got here and is ready to learn. Contributed with his personal questions.Blue Raising Star

Man made religion. Isn't the message an easy message? Wasn't the Torah given to the Jews only? Isn't the Torah their law? For example: do you keep the law of Iran, Syria, the US or the UK, while you do not live in that country? I recon not, because you're not part of that country. You do not live there, so there is no obligation.

If you see examples that may help you for instance, preventing you from stealing others property, that your hand will be chopped if, by my guest, but don't chop them of because that sanction was directed to you. Simpel is that. You keep your own laws and the threat of sanction codified in your local law.

However there were already laws for people's if the world: the Seven Universal Noahide Laws. Things got confusing after some followers of a Jew from Nazareth broke with covenant between G-d and the Jews, by declaring that the Torah was also applicable for others than the Jewish peoples.

So, just keep what is ordered to all mankind including the Jewish people, but separate yourself from what is not commanded to you in the first place. So, it is a contradictio in terminus to keep the seven universal Noahide law, and to believe what the Christian church made you believe. Their so called "new covenant" us at its best a covenant amongst themselves for you cannot bond the Almighty to a covenant he did not contrasigned.

So be careful with what you declare you must keep because it is commanded to you and you ought to keep it. If it is not part of the Seven Universal Noahide Laws, then do not impose it on yourself unless it is for your own sake. That is what I generally feel, is right.


Bruce Littlejohn


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