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please find here my latest article : Turning away from idolatry

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Turning away from idolatry

In the last article, Orientation, we wrote about what the life of a Noahide is all about. Namely to work on yourself, slowly but steadily, and to improve. But why all this? It would be so much easier if everyone lived the way they wanted without harming anyone. But the truth is that this is not possible. Because society forces us to accept things that clearly result in a violation of the seven Noahide commandments.

The church still has power and influence. The states pay the salaries of priests and pastors, support their relief organisations and grant tax benefits that people can only dream of as individuals. In some countries, even nurseries, schools and hospitals are maintained by these institutions. The whole thing is sold to us as a duty because these institutions were expropriated around 200 years ago. Or because these institutions do so much good.

The truth is, however, that these institutions were built on murder, theft and extortion. They stole, misinterpreted and rewrote the scriptures from the Jewish people. They have tried to exterminate the Jews for around 2000 years, whether through persecution or mission. And missionary work is still being carried out today under the guise of loving Israel. Because according to their doctrine, their Messiah can only come when all Jews have been converted. This we-love-Israel strategy, which has been used for the last 40 years, is particularly popular in the free churches. Even today, there are still special church organisations to proselytise Jews.

And anti-Semitism is still part of the repertoire of these institutions. Even if people in Western Europe today mainly talk about the anti-Semitism of Muslim immigrants, we must not forget that the churches still teach anti-Semitism in their writings. But society looks the other way because this is part of our tradition.

And in truth, most people don't care. Since consumerism has taken over our society, everything is fine for us humans as long as the money keeps rolling in, we can organise our leisure time however we want and the churches can't talk us into it too much. And the children continue to be fed their narratives because that is the custom here. Tens of thousands of children are indoctrinated accordingly, especially on the religious holidays of the churches, and celebrations take place even in secular institutions instead of protecting our children from them.

These holidays in our German-speaking countries exist in varying numbers depending on the federal state (Germany, Austria) or canton (Switzerland) and have their origins in idolatry. Even if most people no longer celebrate these festivals with this background, or are not necessarily religious, it is idolatry to take part in them.

Take Christmas, for example. The most commercialised festival in the world most likely has its origins in the Roman cult of Sol Invictus. The church also set its date on 25 December to combine the pagan ideas of the sun cult with its pagan ideas. The birth of their idol is celebrated and it is therefore forbidden to take part in it. Most people only appreciate it as a custom to give each other presents or to celebrate together as a family and do not necessarily have a "religious" connection to this festival.

Unfortunately, people in Europe are bombarded with this theme for more than a month. Ten per cent of the year is spent on this festival. Huge sums of money are spent on decorations, trees and presents instead of doing justice. Many people also suffer from loneliness, especially at this time of year, when they have no one to celebrate with.

You can also sit together with your loved ones several times a year and give each other gifts without breaking the ban on idolatry.

According to the Gregorian calendar, 31 January marks the transition from the old to the new year. This is also the anniversary of the death of Pope Sylvester I, who, according to legend, demanded in a letter to Emperor Constantine that Jews be banned from entering Jerusalem. Even if we have to use the calendar worldwide today, we should refrain from taking part in the celebrations.

It is time we faced the truth. Our traditions and customs have poisoned roots. We may think that something good will come out of it, but we carry this poison within us and nothing good can come from it. That is why it is important that we learn to distance ourselves generously from these things. Any kind of support for idolatry, financial or otherwise, should be avoided.

Unfortunately, since we, as ordinary citizens, have no influence on how our tax money is spent, we cannot prevent these payments being made to these institutions by the state. As individuals, we are not held responsible for this either.

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