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Rabbi Moshe Perets
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Shalom everyone,

Happy to see you are all participating here in the discussion of our Noahide Fellowship.

Here you are the next 15 Laws:

16. The belief in the immutability of the Torah.

17. The belief in G‑d's omniscience and providence.

18. The belief in divine reward and retribution.

19. The belief in the arrival of the Messiah and the messianic era.

20. The belief in the resurrection of the dead.

21. The prohibition of serving idols, either instead of or in combination with G-d.

22. The prohibition of making, owning, or selling an idol.

23. One may not swear in a name of an idol.

24. The prohibition of making up a new religion

25. The prohibition of adding a Jewish commandment which is purely spiritual.

26. The prohibition of following the idolatrous customs of those who serve idols. Soothsaying, divination, sorcery and necromancy are included in this prohibition.

27. Noahide Torah Study

28. The obligation for a person to pray to G-d. (At the very least, this applies in times of need.)

29. Good Deeds and Proper Charity

30. To return lost objects to the proper owners

31. To look for the proper owners

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David Hancock
Nov 08, 2023

Thank you



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