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Edwin Hissink
Got here and is ready to learn. Contributed with his personal questions.Blue Raising Star

I have a question for rabbi Weiner.

I posted it earlier but perhaps not in the right place.

I wear a necklace with a pendant with the Hebrew text containing the first line of the Shema. I am a Lebanon veteran and I served for the Dutch army in South Lebanon under UNIFIL. After my return I was a religious wanderer for a long time, until I came into contact with B'nei Noach. I was raised Christian and switched to Catholicism after returning, but I felt that certain things were not right, which were now falling into place. So much for the history. After returning in 1980, I knew I had to choose based on what I had seen. I chose Israel and I still support that. When I discovered that non-Jews were called B'nei Noah and that after the covenant between the Jewish people and G-d, the rest of the world could still live directly with G-d and were not outcast, I abolished this chain with pendant to express my belief in the one G-d, but after your wise lessons I have started to doubt whether I am not violating the prohibition on founding a new religion. Can you advise me?

Bruce Littlejohn
Peter Wambui
Edward A. Kissi

Yes I understand , The SHEMA is referring to Israel , so maybe you shouldn't wear it. But that would be a conundrum for you as it has a very personal and deep meaning. Hopefully you will find the correct answer. Regards Bruce Littlejohn



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