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Rabbi Moshe Perets
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Final days for Registration to the Choshen Mishpat I - Breastplate of Judgement - Courts, Laws and Judges - Live Course - Sunday Yeshiva for Bnei Noah.

Starting on Sunday 21.01.24

You Register by email to or here:

To see all about the Contents of the Course:

Jeffery  C.


I have a question: is this a course for beginners? Or should the student be an intermediate student or a learned student in the Noahide Laws?

For example: The life path for Noahide. I saw it’s a course for beginners and intermediate students.

Thank you 🙏



Where people who are new to Torah life Style can get connect...


  • 2 Oct Wed | 'Rosh HaShana 5785 for the World Noahide Community'

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