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I have finished Foundations of Faith for Noahides 101, free course. But I am going over them again before I continue on to the next lesson because I am also going through the book The Divine Code. I think these first 2 video's coincide with pgs. 24-50 in that book.

While I was reading in the section of Deniers and Deviators from the Foundations of Faith, under the three categories of "deniers of the Torah", the 3rd section (c) it says - one who says that G-d replaced any of the Commandments He gave through Moses with another later commandment, or that His original Torah and its commandments were later nullified. (Included are those who say the "first" Torah which was given to Moses was true and from G-d, but it was later nullified or changed.)

My question is: wouldn't this include Christians and their New Testament and their teachings?

Sarah Collins
Sarah Collins
Sarah Collins
12 may

You're welcome. Have a great day. 🙂

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