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What are The Seven Commandments of HaShem?

1. I Believe and Trust the One True G-d, The G-d of Israel, HaShem, Havayah I will never worship any idol or follow any false man-made philosophies or ideologies.

2. I Will Honor HaShem, the G-d of Israel and Praise Him I will not blaspheme, disrespect or swear falsely in the Holy Name of HaShem.

3. I Will Honor the Sanctity of Human Life I will not injure, murder, embarrass in public or act with cruelty towards any of my fellow Noahides or Jews, the Members of the Holy Covenant.

4. I Will Honor My Family I will not commit adultery or any sexual transgression and pursue a life of Marriage & Children.

5. I Will Honor the Property of My Fellows I will not steal, induce into error, make fake measures, or kidnap any person.

6. I Will Respect the Life of All Living Creatures and Nature I will not be cruel to animals or eat flesh severed from a still-living animal.

7. I Will Honor these Divine Laws, Pursue Justice and my Country’s Laws I will contribute to Reinforce correctness of the legal system and the administration of justice.

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  • 2 Oct Wed | 'Rosh HaShana 5785 for the World Noahide Community'

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