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Sarah Collins
Got here and is ready to learn. Contributed with his personal questions.Blue Raising Star


Sorry to keep posting. My bf is away and i am missing him.

As an ex-Catholic I have spent a reasonable amount of time in recent months thinking about Eugenio Zolli/ Former Chief Rabbi of Rome. There is something he said which bothers me. He said "The figure of the crucified Christ over the alter symbolizes the greatest sorrow the world knows. Truth is crucified. Charity is crucified; Love is crucified; God is crucified in His Son".

Am I right in thinking that from a Jewish perspective this is simply wrong? Not because from a Jewish perspective that the crucifixion wasn't that but because even were it to be true; it would represent a crime between man and G-d and these are regarded as less awful than crimes between man and man?

So in fact by this rationale the death of even a single child by violent means in war is a greater sorrow than the theoretical crucifixion of Truth and Charity? Or have I got that wrong?

Taja Danielle


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