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First Commandment : Belief and Knowledge of HaShem

15 Laws on the Fundamentals of Faith 9 Obligations

6 Prohibitions

1. To know that there is a God and that He Creates All that Exists.

2. To accept the “Yoke of Heaven” (Kabalat Ol Malchut Shamayim) and to fulfill the Seven Commandments for Gentiles according to their details and explanations within the Oral Torah.

3. To fear God.

4. To Love God.

5. Not to prophesy falsely in the name of God.

6. Not to prophesy in the name on an idol, nor to convince others to worship an idol or to transgress and of the Seven Commandments.

7. Not to listen to a false prophet, whether he prophecises falsely in the name of God or in the name of an idol.

8. To listen to a true prophet who speaks in the name of God and to obey a true prophet’s instructions.

9. Not to create a new religion or commandment. This includes the prohibition against Gentiles a sanctified day of ritual restraint, as it is written in genesis 8:22 “lo yhsbotu” – They shall not make a Shabbat.

10. Not to add to or subtract from the Seven Commandments or any part of them as they were given to Gentiles by God through Moses at Mount Sinai.

11. Not to delve deeply into the study of parts of Torah that do not pertain to the Noahide Code.

12. To have faith and trust in God which includes to pray only to Him and to ask Him to provide the things one needs.

13. To praise and thank God, which includes that a person should thank God for his food and sustenance and for the things that happen to him.

14. To strive to imitate God’s ways that were praised by the Prophets of the Hebrew Bible and to improve one’s temperament and character traits and establish them in the ways that are known to be correct in G0d’s eyes.

15. To evaluate one’s actions and repent for one’s misdeeds and to change one’s ways for the better.

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