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Torah Study for Bnei Noah ( Gentiles )

1. The Torah as a whole is an inheritance from God for the Jews alone,

and a Gentile who “delves” into areas of Torah that are unrelated to theNoahide Code is liable for punishment by the Hand of Heaven (as

explained earlier in topic 3:2). In contrast, it was explained in topic 4:2

that a Gentile must learn and know what is prohibited and permissible

for him.

For if he would mistakenly commit a capital sin from one of

the Seven Noahide Commandments because he didn’t know of it, evenif the action seemed to him to be permissible, still he has the status ofone who sinned purpose fully and is guilty, for he should have learnedand he did not (except when it was not possible to learn; see topic 4:2).

From here we see that Gentiles are obligated to learn all the details

of their seven commandments as they are found within Torah – that

which God prohibits and that which He permits for them – and to be

expert in all their details.82 But it is forbidden for them to delve into

the rest of the Torah that is not about the Noahide Code.

Not only is it permissible for a Gentile to learn about the Noahide

commandments, but regarding anything he is obligated to do (e.g.,

things that are intellectually obligatory, like giving charity or honoring

parents), he is allowed to learn Torah sources that will help him know

how to fulfill and understand his obligation in a practical and even

outstanding way.

And even for Torah precepts that he is not obligated in it at all but he is permitted to perform, it is permissible forhim to learn the Torah laws that deal with those precepts.

The difference between learning the Noahide Commandments and

learning other topics in Torah is that in learning these commandments, a Gentile is obligated to understand them very well in all their details,and is even permitted to delve into this learning. But for the rest of the sources within Torah, even those that are permissible for Gentiles to read, it is prohibited for even a pious Gentile to study themin a way of deep involvement and penetrating, investigative learning.

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