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I wanted to say Hi and thank everyone that has helped me with charity. I have done some more charity in Africa. I plan to go out next month to feed the homeless under the bridge next month or maybe before if possible. Also maybe feed some homeless in Africa as well. I pray over everyone and everything I do. I give more that I bring in so every $1.00 is appreciated. My CashApp is $Scarlettrebekah and my PayPal is @Scarlett734 Just remember that every act of kindness or charity We do will bring the Moshiach sooner!!! Share the light and Hashem will take You to a higher level. I will update again as soon as possible praying for all who reads this and let every living thing that lives praise the Lord!!!!!! ❤️

Sze Hang Lai
Eliyahu Greenwald
C Lawrence


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