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Orach Chaim Graduate

Shalom Rabbonim, Thank you so much for offering the Orach Chaim course, and I thank everyone for every good thing that is done in Noahide Academy. I truly appreciate the Light of the Torah that you are sharing with us, it is like pure water and pure air for our souls. B"H Through our lectures, I learned that Hashem is Holy, He is intrinsically separate/different from His Creation, because He sustains and gives life to everything every moment, and His Creation cannot exist without Him. Hashem is Holy, and He is intrinsically separate/different from His Creation and does not enter into His Creation. My question is, in Olam Haba, will Hashem enter into Creation, or does He still not enter the Creation? Also, from what I have understood, Olam Haba is eternity of getting to know Hashem. Does this mean that we will never be able to fully know Hashem? Because if it is possible to fully know Hashem, it won't take eternity to get to know Him. Thank you so much for considering my questions!

Tammy Renee


Shalom to All, Here is where we will be able to post questio...


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