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  1. Eradicating Antisemitism

  2. Ensuring Global Security 
    for Jews

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The Problem and the Solution

Antisemitism remains a pressing issue, especially within American academic institutions. To address this, we propose a strategic and proactive approach to promote tolerance, ethics, and mutual respect.


The Solution

Noahide Academy Online Resource

  • Leveraging the Noahide Academy's extensive online platform, we aim to reach a wider audience by providing educational materials, courses, and resources accessible to students globally.


Educational Impact

  • Equip non-Jewish students with the principles of the Universal Noahide Code, fostering a culture of respect, tolerance, and understanding.



Combat Antisemitism

  • Actively address and counteract antisemitic sentiments through education and dialogue, promoting a more inclusive and harmonious campus environment.


Funding Allocation

Chabad Shluchim Training

  • Provide training and resources for Chabad Shluchim to effectively convey the Universal Noahide Code on college campuses.



Noahide Academy Enhancement

  • Improve and expand the online resources of the Noahide Academy, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging educational experience.


Campus Initiatives

  • Support events, seminars, and awareness campaigns on college campuses, creating opportunities for dialogue and understanding.



How You Can Help:

  • We are seeking to raise $2 million to make this initiative a reality. Your contribution will directly support the training of Chabad Shluchim, enhancement of the Noahide Academy, and the implementation of campus initiatives to combat antisemitism.

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