Language of the Soul
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I invite you on a journey into your soul through an accessible guided course which will change your life and empower you to achieve a state of spiritual fulfillment and emotional refinement in 7 essential stages.


The best Jewish spiritual guide course to understanding the New Era.

Enrollment for this Course ends Sun May 26th 7pm UTC

Learn the language
which will give you access to our new era

Get instant access to almost 6000 years of knowledge - brought to you from the Torah (Jewish original wisdom) in an exclusive way, so you may apply the concepts practically in your daily life.
Explore the Language of the Soul in 7 Stages with 7 classes to each stage for a total of 7*7 = 49 classes.
How to manage and increase your motivation and determination.
How to understand the over all plan for creation.
How to understand your specific purpose within creation.

Goal: At the end of this course you receive will have acquired understanding of the Language of the Soul and the Gift of True Freedom. To use your emotions at their full thrust. And See Divinity in All Reality.

Upon conclusion of our 49 classes we will have a BONUS 50th – Live Class Meeting with Rabbi Perets where — The Gate of Ultimate Understanding will be opened to everyone.

During this Course you will get:

The Jewish expert knowledge on the essential components of the human soul

Secrets from Torah never revealed before!

The model for the refinement of the 7 emotional dimensions of a person

The ways to optimize the functioning and inter-relationship between the 7 components of the soul

The ways to optimize communication with your Creator.

The ways to optimize your communication and relationships with your family and friends.

The possibility to connect to an eternal truth

A ticket for the Garden of Eden  and even for Eternal Life!

This Course Starts Sun Dec 8th at 12pm UTC

Explore the 7 stages of the new language

Stage 1


During this stage we will explore in detail the component of Kindness and Love in the soul , which is the single most powerful and necessary component in life. Love is the origin and foundation of all human interactions. 

Stage 2


If love is the bedrock of human expression, determination is the channel through which we express love. It gives our life and love direction and focus. Take a laser beam: Its potency lies in the focus and concentration of light in one direction rather than fragmented light beams dispersed in all different directions.

Stage 3


During this stage we will explore in detail the component of flexibility and compassion . This component blends and harmonizes the free outpouring love of kindness with the discipline of determination. A new power becomes accessible - the dimension of truth and flexibility.

Stage 4


Perseverance and ambition are a combination of determination and tenacity. It is a balance of patience, persistence and guts. Perseverance is also being reliable and accountable, which establishes security and commitment. 

Perseverance means to be alive, to be driven by what counts.

Stage 5


If perseverance is the engine of life, sincerity is its fuel. As determination gives kindness a focus, sincerity  gives  determination a direction.

Sincerity is the silent partner of perseverance.  Its strength is in its silence. Its splendor in its calm.

Stage 6


Connection is the ultimate emotional expression. While the first five qualities (kindness, determination, flexibility, perseverance and sincerity) are interactive, they manifest duality: the lover and the beloved. The emphasis is on an individual's feelings, not necessarily on mutuality. Connection, on the other hand, is a complete fusion of the two. 

Stage 7


Leadership, or Nobleness - the last of the seven soul components - is different than the previous six. It is a state of being rather than an activity.

Leadership is a passive expression of human dignity which has nothing of its own except that which it receives from the other six emotions. It manifests and actualizes the character and majesty of the human spirit. It is the very fiber of what makes us human.

Rabbi Moshe Perets, 38 years old, married since 2010, father of five, living in Jerusalem since 2011. He has an M.D degree in medicine obtained at the Louvain University in Brussels in 2010. Has a rabbinical diploma from the Brussels Yeshiva under Rabbi Garelick in 2010. As a masters degree in biomedical sciences research at the Hebrew University on stem cells of the bone-marrow at the Eli Keshet VEGF laboratory in 2015.

He founded and directs the Noahide Academy of Jerusalem since 2015. Directs the King David World Peace Center in Jerusalem since 2018  and meets dozens and sometimes hundreds of visitors every  day to inspire each one in reaching his ultimate divine potential.

Brought to you by Rabbi Dr. Moshe Perets

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