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Political Conference

Politics &
Universal Ethics

Online Course


The Author
Rabbi Dr. Shimon Cowen.

Director of the Institute for Judaism and Civilization, Melbourne, Australia.

Course Overview

During this course you will learn about the concept of Politics according to Torah’s Universal Ethics, as well as its compatibility with human freedom, creativity and diversity, including:

  • The challenge to Universal Ethics.

  • The legislative struggle.

  • The “Right” and “Left” in Universal Ethics.

  • The Eternal Law and human legislation.

  • The creation of a political culture of Universal Ethics.

Video Lecture 1


Ethical Politics

Video Lecture 2


The Legislative Struggle

Video Lecture 3


The “Right” and “Left” in Universal Ethics.

Video Lecture 4


The Eternal Law and human legislation

Video Lecture 5


The creation of a political culture of Universal Ethics.

If you would like to take the integral Course which besides the video-lessons include:

  • 5 Reading Lessons

  • 5 Quizzes

  • Questions/Answers forum

  • Live weekly classes

  • A Final Certificate from the Noahide Academy of Jerusalem

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