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Are Vessels or Clothes offered to an idol Allowed to Benefit From?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Divine Code for September 17, 2022

Today: Pages 182-183

From topic 9:8 -- 9:11

Vessels or clothes and the like, which are items that were not brought upon the Altar of the Holy Temple, are not forbidden for benefit if they are merely brought or thrown before an idol. Therefore, if they were merely set down before an idol for its sake, they are permitted for benefit. But if it is unknown how they were used to serve the idol, it is assumed that they are decorations for the idol, which makes them forbidden for benefit. But if one tears clothing or breaks a vessel as a service to an idol, this is comparable tot the breaking of a stick, and if this idol's ritual was with any such service with clothes or vessels, this resembles slaughtering. Likewise, any burning of clothes is comparable to burning on the Altar.

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