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Bnei Noah from All the Nations

By Anita Messica

Yeshayahu (Isaiah) in Chapter 2, unlocks the mystery of our times: 

"at the end of days the Lord's house shall be firmly established on the mountain and it shall be raised up, and all the nations shall stream up to it."

In this book, we have the most messianic prophecies and the first messianic prophecy. 

Bnei Noah are from all nations.  Not some, not many, not few but all nations. 

What do the nations seek? Unlike any earthly, physical or material resources that flows down,  the peoples stream up the mountain to quench their spiritual thirst, "For out of Zion shall the Torah come forth and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem." (Micha 4:1)


We are introduced to the role of the messiah, which is to judge the nations and bring worldwide peace, and the role of the family of Yacov is to be a "light unto the nations". There's strong rebuke to the Jews who strays from the path of Torah. 

Baruch HaShem, today we have a small and fast growing movement of Bnei Noah with total devotion to the One G-d, the G-d of Abraham, based on the Sheva Mitzvot, the 7 commandments derived from the Book Geneses (2:16). The 7th law, is to set up courts to judge, and according to the Rambam the function of courts under Noahide law is to "warn the people against its infringement." 

As more and more Bnei Noah turn to the light of the nations to study and walk in the path of Torah, we must cautiously seek out and attach closely to that small percentage (B'ezrat HaShem it will grow)  of Orthodox Jews that are faithful followers of Torah, they uphold all aspects of HaShem's word, ritualistic and social justice. 

May we merit to see the prophecy of Yeshayahu in Chapter 2,  the coming of the messiah, until such time may we study Torah, walk in the laws of Torah, uphold righteous courts, and do public relations to be the very best ambassadors for HaShem. 

Anita Messica


Anita lived in India, Qatar, Israel and USA, with my career spanning as an entrepreneur,  women's social justice speaker, and a caregiver. She is a dedicated student of Torah and to serve the One True G-d of Abraham. Through working with rabbi's,she help the righteous amongst the nations of the world, discover, study and adhere to the Noahide path.

If not now, when. If not me, who.

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2 opmerkingen

Thank you Anita for the article. Yes, it's encouraging to see nations streaming to the mountain of the L-rd in droves.

But, i don't know why you opine that Orthodox Jews are a small percentage. On the contrary, (and i stand to be corrected) in Israel they are the dominant group.



Anita Messica
Anita Messica
22 feb.
Reageren op

Kimche, thank you. During the years I lived in Israel, it was clear that the orthodox community was a small percentage, as well as statistical reports about 25 % israeli are Torah observant, but definitely growing.

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