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Can We Make Animal Statues?

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Divine Code for August 30, 2022

Today: Pages 148-149

Topic 5:9 -- 5:11

A form of any creature that is not worshiped, such as an animal, bird or fish, and in fact any form from nature, or even something similar to a dragon - to the exclusion of a human or angel - is permitted to be made, even if it is for decoration and even if it is a full frontal, three dimensional form.

It is forbidden to plant an asherah, which is a tree with which idol worship is performed, or which is used for purposes of idol worship, even if the one who plants it only intends for it to be used for idol worship by others, but not for himself.

It is forbidden to build a house or altar for idol worship, or a platform to be used to stand an idol upon.

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Sarah Bakker is a blog writer and illustrator for the Noahide Academy. Raised with a traumatic childhood, she found the truth and has been a Noahide for many years. She uses her experience and the knowledge combined with her creative talents to teach others. Art, food, photography and music are some of her passions and likes to share it with the world.



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