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From ch'ristianity to Noahide until Full Conversion in Progress

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

By Jelena Derosa

Discovering the lies of chr'istianity, my husband and I immediately "left." Although we were not dedicated chr'istians who were so devoted and in the church for many years, it was a bit overwhelming to discover the lies. We felt so lost and confused on what to do next. I knew we would never go back to the idolatry of Christianity but were we wanting to convert right away? What's the middle ground? Was it Jewish, chr'istian, mu'slim or a no body? I had never been in a position of not claiming a specific religion.

We had been researching about Judaism for 3 years and wanted so badly to convert but we didn't offically start the process. In the meantime, we watched many lectures from Rabbi Tovia Singer, Rabbi Yosef Mizrahi and Rabbi Yaron Reuven. The first video I watched was the famous "Debate" video by Rabbi Yosef Mizrahi and a ch'ristian. After that video, I was mind blown at what I heard. The ch'ristian did not answer a single question the Rabbi had and looked very foolish. This was the first time I was exposed to the truth. From there, I was watching 3 videos a day which were an 1-3 hours long. I became obsessed with knowing the truth and discovering where we're supposed to be, religiously.

We learned so much and dedicated ourselves to study for years. When we discovered what being a Noahide was, we dedicated ourselves to being righteous Noahides. After 2 years, we came to a halt. We felt a little empty because we couldn't do more. We wanted all of Judaism and so we decided we were not going to stop until we converted.

We are in our process of conversion and so eager for that day to come when we have officially joined G-d's chosen people. We have much work to do when we convert and we are so excited for this life. We intend on helping as many people as we can to seek a righteous life and help bring Jews back home.

Brought By Jelena Derosa


Jelena Derosa is a new blogger for the Noahide Academy. She has been an observant Noahide for 3 years and is in the process of conversion. She is married with 3 children and is always coming up with new ways to teach her children about being righteous Noahides. She is a stay at home mom who spends most of her time teaching her children Torah and proper character development. Aside from her children, she spends time blogging, and creating YouTube videos where she shares testimonies in hopes to help someone else learn and heal. She is also building her small business called "Modest Me." She tries to help secular women find G-d and discover the beauty of Modesty and live a modest lifestyle.


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Tikvah Duesters
Tikvah Duesters

Thank you Jelena! We are on the same path as you. BH. I came out a bit sooner than my husband, but he's out and we've both been studying Hebrew and Judaism for the past 12 yrs. now. BH. Looking forward to converting some day. My physical disability and the fact that we are very rural is what's holding us back at the moment. But I don't give up hope that it will be some day soon.

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