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Hilula Rabbi Yehoshua Of Belz

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

23rd of Shvat

for Yeshuot and miracles in all aspects of life.

Rabbi Yehoshua of Belz lived over 150 years ago. He was a holy Mekoubal and the second Admour of Belz. The Tzadik also performed many miracles during his lifetime.

One year, on the 23rd of Shvat, Rabbi Yehoshua of Belz was at a gathering with many other Rabbis and together they witnessed a big miracle. Rabbi Yehoshua of Belz declared that from that day on, the 23rd of Shvat would be a day of miracles and salvations. A few years later, Rabbi Yehoshua passed away on the same date, the 23rdof Shvat. This day became known for its power of yeshuot not only because it had previously been declared a day of Yeshuot by the Rav while he was alive, but also because it became the day of his Hilula.

be sure to do the following:

1) Share the information with as many people as you know so they too can benefit from the power of the 23rd of SHvat

2) Light a candle in the merit of Rabbi Yehoshua of Belz zt’l (Also good to give tzedaka in honor of the Tzadik)

3) On Monday read part of his Torah

4) Read Tehillim 90-106

5) Pray for all your needs in the merit of Rabbi Yehoshua of Belz who promised that this day is a day of miracles and Yeshuot. Include all those in need of yeshuot as well as all am Israel.

Brought by Ahdee Shepherd

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