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How to Renew Yourself

Study Your Soul

The first step is to learn about your soul — get to know your inner self through studying its dynamics and makeup. Just as your body is made up of many parts and systems, and the better you know how they function and their needs, the more you will know how to take care and nourish them; the same is true with your soul. Studying spirituality — the inner workings of your psyche — will both empower you and provide you with foundational roots. These deep roots will anchor you as you face the raging “flood waters” of life — all the demands and expectations that inundate us. When you study your soul, you discover who you really are. In turn, that will help you to live your life inside-out rather than outside-in: Instead of outside forces driving your life, and what you do defines who you are, who you are within should define what you do. Find classes and spiritual resources that teach you about yourself — why you are here and what kind of tools and resources you have inside yourself. It will reawaken and strengthen your inner core, and give you access to your unique skills and talents.

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