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Is the Sin of Forbidden Relationships Worse than Other Sins?

Daily Study of the Noahide Code of Laws

The Divine Code for February 10, 2023

Today: Page 475- 476

Topic Chapter 7:22

A Noahide who recognizes the existence of the One G-d, and accepts upon himself the yoke of G-d's Kingship and the responsibililty to keep the Seven Noahide Commandments from the Torah of Moses, will merit to be resurrected to receive a portion in the future World to Come. A Noahide is judged by G-d according to the majority [of the weightiness in G-d's eyes] of his actions and ways. The weighing of a person's deeds, to decide what is the majority for the person's judgment, is done by God alone (see Part I, topic 9:6).

If a Noahide's good deeds outweigh his unrepented sins, then his soul will be saved from Gehinom, and he will merit a reward for his soul in the Heavenly realm directly after his passing.

If his good deeds and unrepented sins are exactly balanced, then his soul will still be saved from Gehinom, but not because he is found righteous in judgment. Rather, G-d will tilt a balanced judgment toward kindness.

However, that only applies to one who does not have the sin of forbidden relations in his judgment of being half sinful. If unrepented forbidden relations are part of a Noahide's judgment of being half sinful, his soul is assigned to Gehinom for twelve months of purification, and afterwards it will have a correction (to receive reward

in the Heavenly realm for the good deeds that the person did)

Reading schedule of the Divine Code

Yesterday's Study Topic: 7:19 - 7:21

Tomorrow's Study Topic: Part VII ... person in particular

Curious about the whole page? You can read it in The Divine Code.

Sources: The Divine Code (4th edition) by Rabbi Moshe Weiner


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