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Mase, New Member of the Noahide Academy of Israel

Hi, my name is Mase R. Molina. My story of coming to Torah starts relatively recently. I am currently 35 years old, and I was raised ch'ristian.

A few years back some of mt family members started questioning it more as some things didn't add up and some parts of the "Old Testament" (Tanakh) idnicated that G-d is not a man. So then a friend showed us a couple videos from Jews for Judaism, and it made so much more sense.

The more we started learning, the more logical and straight forward Judaism seemed. My goal was simply to find out the truth and see where it led and to have a relationship with G-d. As I learned more, I saw that Judaism taught that people do not need to convert in order to have a relationship with G-d, and that if one followed the Noahide laws (an eternal covenant with humanity) that they are considered righteous among the nations.

I am still learning more and am trying to become the best version of myself. 😃

By Mase Molina,

Texas, USA

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