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PUMPIDISA- ELUL Hamelech Basadeh @tyhashem

CHAYA BISTRITZKY A”H | לע״נ רוחמה חיה פרומא ע״ה בת ר׳ דוב פנחס נ״י

Dear Brothers & Sisters, Imagine you found out that Hashem will be staying in your guest room...yes, you should be excited!

That’s exactly what’s happening all month long!

The Baal HaTanya teaches "Hamelech Basadeh" - "The King is in the field".

During the month of ELUL, in anticipation of connecting to us, HASHEM travels, so to speak, outside of the palace, and comes closer to us than any other time of the year.

Sadly, many are discouraged or confused about how to prepare during this month for our special meeting with Him. Music has the power to ignite the flames of our soul, in ways that words can not.

This joyous tune was written by The Blumstein Brothers as a way of expressing their yearning for a connection with Hashem.

We hope you will sing along and feel that same deep desire to maximize the ELUL experience!

Together, let’s transform the confusion into closeness and joy as we prepare for our rendezvous with our Father The King.

Wishing you all much blessing and an amazing year! - TYH Nation

Title: E.L.U.L.


Composed by: The Blumstein Brothers

Musical Director - Hershey Weinberger

Musical Production & Mix - Nir Graff/ Ilya Leshinsky

Artwork: Shani Levin Art

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1 comentario

Angelique Sijbolts
Angelique Sijbolts
07 sept 2022

Didn't know this one, beautiful, I like this one very much

Me gusta
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