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The King’s coronation

Rosh Hashanah is one of the most important holidays. Mankind and all creatures in the world are judged by Heaven. On this holiday, the entire year's abundance is given to the whole creation. The ultimate purpose of Rosh Hashanah is the coronation of G-d as King over us, by the acceptance of his Kingship.

This day is also the first of the Ten Days of Repentance. Repentance is not only regretting the past but rather its inner meaning is the soul’s return to its source. The renewed individual bond happens with the king’s coronation. The coronation of the king of the world goes far beyond the fear of punishment, it renews our personal bond with G-d.

It means that we understand our personal mission in the service of G-d. When a person chooses good and seeks to fulfill his true mission, he receives divine assistance. The acceptance of G-d's Kingship has a key role during that day. Every Rosh Hashanah G-d accept our coronation again and his kingship spread all over the world after we showed a willingness to accept it. Similarly, this is what will happen in the redemption but on a much wider scale.

Every Noahide, man and woman, can purify himself in the holiday by saying Psalms from the depths of the heart. Psalms have the power to purify and clean our souls. Also, taking proactive decisions regarding adding to the observance of the 7 commandments could be useful. In doing so, we get enormous blessings for the whole year.


Rabbi Moshe Bernestein is a writer and a Community Rabbi in Netanya, Israel. He believes in making connections between the Jewish People and the Noahides worldwide in order to share and enhance the knowledge of the Torah's Universal Code for Humanity and fulfil Isaiah's Prophecy 11:9 " And the world will be filled with the knowledge of G-d as the waters cover the oceans".


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