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The Prohibition of Idol Worship

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Divine Code for August 12, 2022

Today: Pages 109-112

Topic 1:1 -- 1:2

It's a prohibition to worship Idols, do not serve things that G-d has made but serve only G-d Himself. Intermediary Idols are forbidden, there are no human beings, animals, material etc. whom are G-d alike.

The sages explained:

''I am G-d; do not exchange Me'' - to rebel and replace Me with another god, which is the prohibition of idolatry.

''I am G-d; do bot curse Me'' - this being the prohibition of blaspheming G-d's Name, since for G-d's honor one must not disgrace and blaspheme Him.

''I am G-d; the fear of Me shall be upon you'' - this being the obligation to fear G-d.

Recognize and know G-d is the only one.

Anyone who serves idols denies all of G-d's commandments (since he does not accept G-d's Sovereignty), as well as His honor and His True Existence.

Reading schedule the Divine Code

Yesterday: Topic Introduction

Tomorrow: Topic 1:3 - 1:5

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