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Three little words- Avraham Fried & Yossi Hecht - Asher to the Yatzar

We are all faced with challenges that can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Even through we understand that it is ultimately for our best, it takes courage and strength....

These “three little words” are testimony to the fact that not only do we understand it is all for the good, we feel it deeply enough to live with gratitude and appreciation to Hashem for all the good that He bestows upon us…

Composition and lyrics by: Yitzy Waldner Music produced

arranged and mixed by: Mendy Portnoy

Mastered by: Aran Lavi

Avraham Fried vocals produced by: Yossi Tyberg

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Angelique Sijbolts
Angelique Sijbolts
21 août 2022


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