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What Happens To the Soul of a Noahide After Completing his/her life?

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

In this generation we witnessed the unprecedent phenomena amongst the nations, more and more non-jewish sould being attracted to Torah. Itself is a good sign, and we can say that is one of the sign of the Geulah a.k.a : Final Redemption.

However, due to the still minimal teaching, source on this field, led to the Noahides doing a "best-guess" with the good intention for sure, from the teaching available which are meant for Jewish. With the motivation such as: "I would like to correct my conduct according to the Truth for the sake of G-d".

In this Q&A with Leo Yuwono of Noahide Indonesia, Rabbi Moshe Perets explains on what happens to a Noahide soul after completing his/her life, how should the family honor the soul, and also taught us, the fact that we are now considered as the last generation, hence we need to wisely use our time, get our act together, learn Torah, in preparation of the Final Redemption.

B'Ezrat Hashem, we can all be together when the Final Redemption materalized, soon in our generation. Berachot.

Brought By Leo Yuwono


Leo's journey towards Noahide start in 2013 where he decided to embark the journey of truth, learning what the jews really believe from a neutral standpoint, without bias. This journey then bring him to a decission to embrace Torah after learning that this is the Truth, a guide given by G-d The Creator for humankind.

By now, the Community members reach 140 people, spreaded across Indonesian Archipelago. Leo is learning weekly with Rav. Moshe Perets and Rav. Dr. Shimon D. Cowen. The Rabbis also provide Online Torah Class to the community.


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Yair Borici
Yair Borici

Simple explanations of very difficult concepts are the best, indeed!


Rabbi Moshe Perets
Rabbi Moshe Perets

Thank you Leo for the Question and posting the video.😄


Angelique Sijbolts
Angelique Sijbolts

Good important questions Leo. Thanks for asking and posting.

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