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What If a couple swore to marry each other?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Divine Code for October 15, 2022

Today: Pages 233-234

From topic 4:7 -- 4:12

If two people swore to each other to perform an action together, such as to make a partnership in business, or if a man and woman swore to marry each other, and one of the parties annuls the vow, the second is also not bound by the vow, since each person was only bound to begin with on condition that the other person keeps the vow. If a man and woman became engaged with a vow and swore to get married at a specific time, or if two businessmen made a partnership that is dependent on time, and this time passes, and one of the parties claims that he had no choice and did not purposefully put off the date, the second party may request annulment for his side of the vow (if he so desires), and the court may release him from it.

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