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The Practice of
Universal Ethics

Online Course

Video Lecture 1

The Author
Rabbi Dr. Shimon Cowen.

Director of the Institute for Judaism and Civilization, Melbourne, Australia.

Course Overview

During this course you will learn about the most essential sense of civilization which is that of the peaceful habitation of the world,  including:

  • Civilization and the Revelation of Mount Sinai

  • The Belief in God

  • The Reverence for God

  • Human Sexuality

  • Essence of Justice

  • Prohibition of Killing

  • Theft and Material Harm

  • The Treatment of Nature

Video Lecture 2


The Belief in G-d

Video Lecture 3


The Reverence Towards G-d

Video Lecture 4


Human Sexuality

Video Lecture 5


 The Essence of Justice

Video Lecture 6


 The Respect for Life

Video Lecture 7


 Respect for Others Property

Video Lecture 8


 The Treatment of Nature